Hi, I'm Jos

I, an idiot, play with tech, game, and create decidedly mediocre-quality content for enthusiasts and beginners so maybe I can help improve your own experience.I'll be featuring no-depth reviews, lackluster tutorials, awful demos, and terrible gameplay. So whether you're interested in gadgets, gaming, hardware, or want to learn more about it, I'm probably the wrong person but it'll be proper fun.


All the main content in the video formats you've come to expect.

YouTube LIVE

For LIVE streams, so I don't get wrecked when YT has an off day.


I'll post here more if it helps any of you.


I'll try this one I suppose and see how it goes.

Discord - DM me

Need to send me a message on Discord to get in touch, ask for assistance, or other? Right here.

Discord Community

Want to join a community of Awful Gamers who just want to hang out and enjoy gaming? Do it.